About Salish Seafoods

Our environmentally friendly product is hand-seeded, hand-picked, hand-shucked and hand-packed at the 4,000 square-foot processing facility. No dredging is allowed during any stage of processing.


Salish Seafoods was originally known as Harstine Oyster Company (HOC) and was purchased by the Squaxin Island Tribe in the early 1970s. The property consists of six acres of waterfront property on the western shore of Harstine Island in South Puget Sound. Salish Seafoods also grows oysters on 41 acres of tidelands on pristine Squaxin Island which is unihabited tribal reservation land.

We are currently selling shellstock, singles and shucked meats throughout the United States and China. Our single oysters are sold under the names Palala Bay, Squaxin Passage, Potlatch Point and Peale Passage. 

Salish Seafoods harvests and sells approximately 12,000 gallons of oyster meat, half a million dozen single oysters, and 400,000 – 500,000 pounds of Manila clams each year, which allows for high quality product to a limited number of clients.

Contributing photographers:  Aleta Poste, Bear Lewis and Joe Seymour